War Memorial Hospital 1922
Marlow Hill
War Memorial Hospital
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01340
The hospital in Priory Road
Was too small for its heavy load
And so a new site then was found
To nurse the needs of all around
And, just like all those years before,
Campaigners knocked upon your door
And hoped that you would help to buy,
In memory of those who died,
A bigger, better, greater one
For all those soldier's growing sons.
And so they formed campaigning groups,
Something fitting for our troops

With Peace and Skull girls at the fore,
 - All ready for another war.

Nellie Skull (nee Peace), Minnie Clarke (nee Peace) and May Watkins (nee Skull) all helped to raise money for the new hospital.  Viscount Wendover (Earl Carrington's son), Donald Clarke, William Frederick Gibbs, Arthur G.Thurlow and Charles Robert Watkins where all killed in the First World War.  
In the Second World War James Olliff Griffitts lost two grandsons, Maud Bird (nee Skull), lost her son Maurice Bird, and her son-in-law, Douglas Adamson.  Ian Fleck, the son of  Douglas and Mabel Fleck (nee Skull), was a POW, he escaped, was captured by the Gestapo but survived.
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