Walter Skull born 1872
Marsh Green Mill owned by George Darvill  (business partner of J.G. Peace)

 Marsh Green Mill pond
Picture from the SWOP website
 Reference number BFP : 04147

Walter, the eldest of the sons
Of Charles and Georgiana Skull,
Was one of those intrepid ones
Who thought his life too dull,
And playing over by the mill
He fell into the race
And when he rose, his body still,
His pulse had lost all trace,
He died at only thirteen years,
Oh what a crying shame,
His parents wept with heartfelt tears,
His siblings just the same.

Walter Skull was the son of Charles Edwin Skull and Georgiana (neé Tilbury). He had gone punting on Marsh Green Mill pond, with his friends, but he took no heed of their warnings not to play near the mill.  He was hit by the turning wheel and was drowned in the mill race.
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