Walter Skull born 1816
Chair Factory

Walter Skull and Son factory
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 12249

Newland, as the name implies, was where new Wycombe spread
Where many folk worked hard each day to earn their daily bread,
The bodgers in the woods around would make the legs for chairs
But timber yards within the town would make the other wares
Like seats and backs and other bits, the fancy arms and spokes
Yes, there was work for locals here and plenty other folks.
And here, at Number 26, was Walter Skull and wife
A splendid place for baby Skulls all starting out in life.
He sold his chairs in Liverpool and there had met his bride
And coming back to Wycombe he had shown her off with pride.
Her origins were wealthy and her mother, a Miss Bold,
Came from Bold Hall in Lancashire, at least so we are told.

Walter was the son of Charles Skull and brother of Edwin Skull. He married Ellen Foster from Lancashire. They were the parents of Charles Edwin Skull and Henrietta Watkins, née Skull.
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