Thurlow Offices circa 1870 - 1915
25, High Street

Thurlow premises
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 08699 (building on right)
This High Street office is our base
And makes a truly splendid place
For all our Thurlow  business tasks,
'And what are those?' you may well ask,
Well, we're corn merchants first of all
But Frank then answered Wycombe's call
And that's when Thurlows came to be
The new South Bucks Society,
(A place to help our building needs
So folk can save to buy the deeds
Of their new houses on the hill)
But we've gone one step better still,
For Tom designs what they now buy
Around the town or by the Rye,
So we are big in Wycombe terms
But we work hard for what we earn.

The Thurlow boys were descended from James Thurlow of Bridge Mill. They were still working in these premises before the First World War.
Thomas Thurlow was the son of James and Ellen Thurlow.  He became an architect.  His son, Eric, married Audrey Clarke, the daughter of Arthur and Minnie Clarke of Castle Hill House.
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