The Thurlow girls, 
Agnes born 1862,  Alice born 1865, and Enid born 1867
Toll Gate House, London Road

View across fields to house
Picture from the SWOP website
 Reference number BFP : 06361 (house across valley)

We Thurlow girls are spinsters all
And saw our Wycombe soldiers fall
For war affected all our lives
And failed to make us into wives,
But still we live quite happily
At Toll Gate House as you can see.
We’re not the only ladies now
Who didn't take the marriage vow
For further down there’s girls who wait
Still hopeful of the marriage state,
It's just the way that things worked out
With insufficient men about.

The Thurlow girls were the daughters of James and Ellen Thurlow. They lived at Toll Gate House, which was the family home of their brother Thomas.  Although they were already middle aged by the First World War the Boer war had also taken its toll on Wycombe men.

Florence Nicholson, sister-in-law of Charles Arthur Skull, also had rooms along the London Road which she shared with her nursing colleague. 
All of them were to remain spinsters.
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