Thomas Skull born 1810
Guild Hall and Cornmarket
Guildhall and Cornmarket
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number  RHW : 26014  
I wear a fancy uniform
With buttons, belt and braid
And watch for any vandals
Who disturb High Wycombe's trade
I also keep the drains clear
And see the paving's right,
In fact it's quite a workload
And I work from morn 'til night,
I think I should be worth more,
So have asked them for more pay
But if they still ignore me
I'll find work some other way.

Thomas Skull was the town crier and beadle but his post entailed many other duties. Basically he was both a maintenance manager and a constable for the town. He asked for a pay rise but didn't get one. Disgruntled, he moved elsewhere.  He was the son of Thomas and Sarah Skull (neé Withall) and  brother to John and Mary.  
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