Thomas Redington born 1883
Kilcornan, London Road
The Wye, London Road
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 02034
I am Tom, the youngest son,
My family (a wealthy one),
Lived along the London Road
At Harlow House, our large abode.
And here my Pa and family
Had shared our lives quite happily
Until my mother passed away
One wretched, sad, unhappy day.
My father found a second wife
But, glory, how she changed my life,
My step-mama was none too kind
And thought of me as quite a bind
So she and I could not be friends
And when our feelings failed to mend
I grew to be a saddened son,
But also an ambitious one,
To prove that I was worth far more
Than just the boy she rarely saw.
And I did well in stocks and shares
And found my strength in these affairs
For neighbours trusted in my choice
And even now I hear my voice
Suggesting they invest first here
Then move it on again next year.
I bought this really lovely house
And settled here with son and spouse
And had no cares as I could see
No notion of lifeís fate for me,
Until the crash came hard and fast
And took our pennies to the last.
This was the Thirties boom and bust
In which I lost my neighbours' trust,
My name was mud around the town,
Not only I came tumbling down,
But all the friends whom Iíd advised
Now saw my choice as most unwise
And many lost their hard-earned wealth
And landed up upon the shelf.
When values fall then no one wins,
I had a breakdown for my sins,
I couldnít bear the lasting shame,
And knew they felt I was to blame
My helpful deeds were now a curse
And knowing this just made things worse.
I ended up a nervous wreck
And had to make the sorry trek
To Stone Asylum, Aylesbury way,
Where there I spent my final days.

Thomas Redington married Janet Douglas from Scotland. They had a son, Douglas, who grew up at their large house along the London Road. After the stockmarket crash Tom had a nervous breakdown and died at Stone Asylum. William Redington, Thomasís father, married Mary Wane, sister of John Wane. After his first wife, Mary, died William married again – to another Mary Wane who was the daughter of Jonathan Wane of Fairford. They moved to Elvaston, Rectory Avenue, believed to be the former home of Charles Edwin and Georgiana Skull. .
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