Richard Treacher born 1853
Rydal Mount, Station Road

Rydal Mount
Picture from family collection

We Treachers are a widespread clan
But Chiltern folk now to a man,
I, myself, have married twice
To Griffits girls (and both quite nice),
For all my forbears seem to be
Some part of Wycombe’s family,
With farming, chairs or keeping inns
All types of jobs, all types of sins,
But just three brothers Chesham way,
Produced the Treachers here today.

Richard was the son of William Allen Treacher of Hill Farm, Marlow Hill, and the Red Lion, High Street.  He married Oryndia Hibbert, the daughter of William Hibbert and Ann Griffits (brother of James Olliff Griffits).  They had two daughters before Oryndia died. He then married Mabel Nicholson, the daughter of Oryndia's cousin Julia (Julia Nicholson nee Griffits).  They had no children and Mabel put all her energies into her enthusiasm for golf.
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