Hospital  circa 1875 - 1920
Priory Road

Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01336

This hospital no longer stands
But served its purpose well,
And in its time was fairly grand
As many folk will tell,
Until this time, if you were poor,
You suffered all alone,
A doctor knocked upon your door
But you remained at home,
The townsfolk wanted this to change
And formed fund-raising teams
So wealthy folk could then arrange
For bricks, for roofs, for beams,
And men now 'big' in Wycombe chairs,
Like Skull and all his kind,
Donated many useful wares
Whatever they could find,
And so it stood for quite a while
And made our sick folk fit
Until a larger one was styled
And in the town now sits.

The Skull and Peace families were prominent fund raisers for the Priory Road Hospital.  Dr William Fleck , the doctor in the High Street,  was a doctor here and, during the First World War, Florence Wane (a Red Cross VAD) nursed the wounded soldiers.  Her children went to visit the soldiers to keep their spirits up.
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