Percy Skull born 1878
 London Road
View across fields to house
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 39077 (the view nearby)  

I argued with my brother, we could not see eye to eye,
Which upset our poor dear father who then so sadly died,
Charles kept the old traditions, which was not a good idea
For I’d a good suspicion that the trade would change next year,
So when the firm went under and I had to face the cost
I blamed it on his blunder but by then the firm was lost,
I never spoke to Charles again, no friend of he was mine,
No birthday wishes would I send, no brother’s love to find.
My daughters married well I feel, for that I'm really glad
And Joan is now a Mrs Clarke, which really isn't bad,
For Roly's mayor of Wycombe and a lucky choice of spouse
And now I go and see them in their very lovely house.

Percy Carter Skull and Charles Arthur Skull held shares in the Skull furniture factory off London Road. They both lost out financially when the firm was forced to close. Percy's wife, Annie Lucy Jane Greening came from Dorset and they also lived at Dorchester House, Green Lane. Their oldest daughter Joan, married  Roly Clarke of Castle Hill House.
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