Nellie Skull neé Peace born 1871
St Annes Cottage, London Road

Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 12107

My name is Ellen, Nellie I’m called,
And we moved here when we wed,
My husband stored his antiques near,
He’s a Skull and his name is Fred.
I liked this cottage and lovely view
But Fred he planned ahead,
And bought the manor on the Rye
To be our new homestead.
And so we sold to Quaker friends
And left for pastures new
But the nicest thing, and best of all,
We still have a lovely view.

Nellie was the daughter of  James George Peace and Emma Ellen Peace of Castle Hill House.  She was the sister of Minnie Gibbs Clarke (nee Peace) and William Peace. She married Fred Skull the eldest surviving son of Charles Edwin Skull.  She moved to Bassetsbury Manor.
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