Maud Bird neé Skull born 1887
Stuart Lodge, Stuart Road

Fred's antiques  Stuart Lodge
Picture from the SWOP website             Picture from family collection
Reference number MHW : 28218

My husband died when only young,
And I,  a sad and pregnant mum,
With one small girl and two small boys
Now faced my world with little joy,
But thanks to all my family,
Who helped me out and pitied me,
I live here now in Stuart Road
In Stuart Lodge, my new abode,
My Birds will grow and fly the nest
But until then we’ll make the best
Of Wycombe here, my old home town,
Where all my cousins still abound.

Maud's husband Ernest Bird had served in India.  He died young and she had nowhere to live when she returned to Wycombe. Maud's brother, Fred Skull, owned Stuart Lodge and used part of it for his antiques business.
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