Mary Coltman née Skull born 1808
The Newland Almshouses

Newland almshouses
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Reference number BFP : 33369

There was a girl we talked not of,
She’d fallen from the tree,
Mary was her Christian name
And Skull her family,
Her mother, it remained a guess
Though Thomas Skull, her father, yes,
But fortunately, her husband George
A Coltman lad whom she adored,
Found work within the Skull employ
Which paid for all their girls and boys
But though she had a wealthy link
It wasn't tapped as folk might think
For here she ended all her days
A loner still in many ways.

Mary Skull was the daughter of Thomas Skull (brother of Charles) and the cousin of Walter and Edwin Skull. Her brother was John Skull.
She was born in Amersham.  Her mother was listed wrongly(?) in the records. She married George Coltman who became a foreman in Edwin Skull's factory.
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