Mary Redington nee Wane born 1860
Elvaston, Rectory Avenue

Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 37002 (outside the gate)

I am William's second wife
But share his first wife's name,
It's really not an easy life
When names are so the same,
People can get quite confused,
I'm not surprised, are you?
Often they look quite bemused
Although it's really true,
And so my daughter Christine,
Has a name quite new to me,
Which sounds so bright and pristine
And will suit our family.

Mary Redington was born Mary Wane and was the cousin of the first Mary Wane, William's first wife. The Redingtons had a daughter Mary (May) and a son William (the third generation of Williams) from the first Mrs Redington and so the name Christine was a very 'modern' introduction. They moved to Elvaston, believed to be the house built for Charles Edwin Skull.
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