Mabel Skull born 1883       
Enderley, Amersham Hill

Enderley c.1910
Picture from family collection

We moved up here, above the town
And see green fields now all around
Those busy crowds below the hill
Make no noise here, so quiet and still,
With farms and woodlands full of trees
And valley views and hilltop breeze,
We feel we’ve really made the grade
We’re at the top of Wycombe trade.

My parents think it's very fine
To move here in so short a time,
They'd not been long at Enderby
Before they saw this plot was free
And knowing this was high class land
They built the house in which we stand.
So here we'll stay to live our lives
Until my father sadly dies.

Mabel married Douglas Fleck and she and Dougie, along with their son Ian, lived at Enderley, Charles Edwin Skull's house.
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