The Vicarage

The Vicarage then
(picture from SWOP website)

The Vicarage today

The Reverend Woollcombe, parson here
Kept his records nice and clear,
And so we know when reading them
Who he christened way back then.
Many children were his own
And their names are clearly shown,
William, Frederick, Lionel, George
Each a bond with God to forge,
Mabel, Eleanor, Winifred,
His daughters did as they were bid
Marrying parsons like their dad,
A busy life but not that bad.

The early vicarage was beside the church, facing the junction with Kingsmead Road. The later vicarage, however, was built behind the church. One of the former vicars of Victorian times, William Penrose Woollcombe and his wife Henrietta, had nine children whilst he was in office. His daughters also appear to have married clergymen.
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