The Smithy

John Henry Baker at the smithy (photo courtesy of Jean Craigmile)
and the area today

It's no surprise a forge to find
When all those horses come to mind,
With coaches passing every day
They needed shoes along the way.
We had no train or car of course
So transport then was ruled by horse.

A noisy place this little lane,
Now still remembered in its name
And stables of the coaching inn,
Were near by to the smithy's din
Of forging, banging, bending iron
For shoeing horses in the barn.

The smithy is still remembered in the local road name of Old Forge Road. The smith would have had a busy trade before the motor car changed transport forever. John Baker was the blacksmith here in the 1850s and his sons and grandson followed in the trade. To find out more about this family click on Forge House on the New Loudwater map.
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