The Papermakers

Old view along Kingsmead Road from direction of pub
(picture from SWOP website)

Recent view along Kingsmead Road

Site of The Papermakers now

No village photos now remain
Of this old pub along the lane
And though the road has seen much change
Kingsmead, itself, would not seem strange
An open pasture, green with grass,
Familiar space to those who pass,
But where the Biffa Depot stands
A papermill stood on the land
And many thirsty workers knew
The Papermakers and its brew.

There were a good number of pubs and coaching inns in this area because the London Road, Kingsmead and Boundary Road were popular routes for mill workers and travellers. The Papermakers made way for new housing in this area about the same time as the Lintafoam factory was demolished.
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