The Mother Red Cap

The Mother Red Cap
(picture from SWOP website)

Recent view of the building

The Mother Red Cap, now no more,
Has seen some changes at her door,
The building stands here still today
But now sells cuisine from Bombay,
But many will, I'm sure, recall
This local pub before her fall,
The sign, I feel, perhaps the most
Of red capped crone upon its post,
The garden changed from side to side
To make the junction nice and wide
And sadly this declared her fate
And Mother Red Cap closed her gate.

The Mother Red Cap was a familar pub to many locals. Its pub sign with a large nosed old crone in a red cap is still remembered to this day. When the M40 was being built, cutting it off during construction from Wooburn Moor below, its days were numbered. It was also subject to the change in the junction here - the pub mysteriously appearing to move from one side of the junction to the other due to the new road layout. Happily The Falcon, probably once its main competitor, still remains in operation (- just outside of our map).
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