The Barley Mow

The Barley Mow then
(picture from SWOP website)

The Barley Mow before it was demolished
(picture from SWOP website)

The site of the Barley Mow now
(Google Street View)

This roadside plot not long ago
Was once home of the Barley Mow,
And still the inn post stands aloft
Where once this pub, like Tudor croft,
Welcomed all to come on in
And take some rest from mill-work din,
And so for workers walking home
This jolly pub became well known.

The Barley Mow was demolished at about the same time as the M40 was bult across the valley. Its inn post can still be seen in the gardens along Boundary Road. There were a good number of pubs and coaching inns in this area because the London Road, Kingsmead and Boundary Road were popular routes for mill workers and travellers.
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