Sunnyside then
(picture from SWOP website)

Sunnyside today

Sunnyside, a jolly name,
I wonder if they thought the same,
Those families who lived here then,
With offspring rising up to ten?
With valley mills, plus trains behind,
The sun was often hard to find!
And when the Great War called for men
Old Sunnyside provided them,
And several names who once lived here
Never made it home I fear.

Sunnyside has seen some changes! The gardens of this row of houses used to back onto the railway and the goods yard. From the front windows you would have seen Snakeley Mill over to your right and the chimneys of other paper mills along the valley. Directly in front was the cricket ground, providing a much welcome leisure activity from mill and factory work. All familiar sights for the young men who said good bye to loved ones and went to fight in World War One. Their names are now on the war memorials in Loudwater and Flackwell Heath.
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