British Legion

British Legion
(picture from SWOP website)

The Royal British Legion today

The lads from here, and up the hill,
Who left the workshop and the mill
Had joined the country's call for arms
And, with the lads from local farms,
They marched away to fight the cause,
Four years of hell with little pause,
And when the lucky ones came back
The village realised what it lacked
- To build a Legion Hall their brief
And help survivors with their grief.

The Royal British Legion actually have two halls in the area, one here and one in Flackwell Heath. After the First World War there was a discussion as to whether the two villages should have a joint war memorial and a joint hall but it was decided that the roots and rivalries of each village ran deep and that two would be required. You can find out more about the WW1 names on our two war memorials here: (but you will then be leaving this site).
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