Reyntiens workshop

Aerial view of workshop (top right of picture)
John Reyntiens' current stained glass studio in London. (Photo courtesy of John Reyntiens)

Patrick, with his artist wife,
Made their love of art their life,
Teaching from their local home
Their skill in art became well known
And from his workshop, now no more,
He made glass panels by the score,
And these can still be seen today
Above the heads of those who pray
In church and chapel, large and small,
For Patrick, and his son, made all.

In the grounds of Burleighfield House was the large workshop of Patrick Reyntiens, stained glass designer. Burleighfield House is now offices but in relatively recent times it was used as an arts educational centre, later known as the Reyntiens Trust, set up by Patrick Reyntiens and his artist wife Anne Bruce. Patrick is notable for his work on Liverpool's Roman Catholic Cathedral (the stained glass panels for this were constructed at the workshop) and on the new Coventry Cathedral in collaboration with the artist John Piper. Smaller church commissions in Buckinghamshire include Christ Church, Flackwell Heath, St Mary the Virgin's Church, Fawley, St Mary the Virgin, Turville and St Paul's at Bledlow Ridge.
Patrick's son, John, is also a distinguished stained glass artist who attended Juniper Hill School in Flackwell Heath.
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