Rayners Lodge

Rayners Lodge then
(picture from SWOP website)

Rayners Lodge today

Sir Philip Rose, a mighty man,
Bought up this land, as rich men can,
Two farms made up his new estate,
With fancy lodge at entrance gate,
An avenue led up the hill
From London Road, as was his will,
A quicker way to get back home
From railway line (no longer known).
His coach and four, though very grand,
Would take too long round hilly land
And so the railway came to be
An added bonus as he'd see.

Rayners Lodge was part of Rayners estate which was purchased by Sir Philip Rose, solicitor to Disraeli. It was developed from the purchase of two local farms. The drive to the house from the London Road was added when the railway line and Loudwater station were established. This became a much quicker way for him to travel back and forth to London.
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