Rayners/Wycombe Heights Golf Centre

Rayners estate then
(picture from SWOP website)

The site today

The lawyer for Disreali
Was a man called Philip Rose,
And, looking for a quiet retreat,
This was the spot he chose.
Two farms made up this hilltop site
With land down to the vale
And with his new prosperity
Sir Philip couldn't fail.
A mighty house and stable too
Was built at his request
But when the job was finished
Still Sir Philip couldn't rest,
And feeling he should do some good
For the people living there
He built them all St Margaret's Church
To keep them in God's care.

Rayners estate was purchased by Sir Philip Rose, solicitor for Disraeli. It was developed from the purchase of two local farms. The main entrance to his estate was via Penn and Tylers Green. The house is now a school. St Margaret's Church was built at the top of Hammersley Lane where a great many of his estate workers resided.
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