The Saddlers

The Saddlers
(picture from SWOP website)

As it looks today

Many photographs will show
This early plot, and so we know
That back in time, when coach and horse
Would pass this way, they'd go to Morse.
For this was once a saddler's shop
And coachmen, passing at a trot,
Would make a note of Morse's trade
Should they require new bridles made.
A quick repair to leather strap
Which they'd collect when coming back,
Was rather like it is today
When we get petrol on our way.

Morse ran the saddlers shop on the corner of Station Road and London Road. It was an ideal place to have a saddlery, catching horse-drawn traffic as it passed by. Much like a local garage does today, Morse provided essential repairs and parts to keep your transport on the road - saddles, bridles, harnesses etc.
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