Loudwater Farm

The land, centre, as seen from Flackwell Heath
(picture from SWOP website)

The location today

It isn't surprising that here was a farm,
Sheltered by hillsides it must have had charm,
Pasture for cattle, fields for the sheep,
Not a bad way for a living to keep.

With travel to London a roadway away,
It's not a bad place for a farmer to stay,
So I wonder what happened to force him to go
Perhaps a bad harvest and poor wheat to sow?

Or was it too wet, so near to the Wye?
Perhaps he sold out to the farmer near by?
Houses now stand where his farmland once lay
And nothing remains of his farmyard today.

Loudwater Farm was situated behind the houses to the east of Station Road. It appears on early 1800 maps of the area but disappears from later maps of the village.
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