Jennings stores

George Jennings to the rescue

The stores today

Jennings, butchers of repute,
And also grocers, veg and fruit,
Had brothers up in Flackwell Heath
But George served clients down beneath,
With everything to meet their needs
From loaf of bread to lowly seeds.

With family of growing sons
The Jennings stores kept going strong,
Their boys would play an active part
From what was quite an early start
And each, their separate role to play,
Are still remembered to this day.

Jennings stores in Loudwater was run by George 'Jockey' Jennings. He was one of the sons of a large family and had a number of brothers. Three Jennings boys, Peter, William and Walter, worked in the store in Flackwell Heath but George worked in the Loudwater store. George's son, Ben, worked for the local dairy and later became a farmer. No photos remain of the stores in Loudwater but an item about George rescuing a little boy from the water will no doubt be of interest.
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