Treadway Hill, Hillside is off on the left hand side (photo courtesy of Beryl Hall)

As the hill looks today

Hillside was the Hedley home
And, as our record books have shown,
G. H. Hedley ran his firm
Down at Hedge Mill so we learn.
Hillside house was his retreat
A place for him to meet and greet
Old golfing pals who came to stay
For G.H. Hedley liked to play.
His house beneath the golf course here
Would mean that he lived very near
And so a walk just up the hill
Would give a break from work at mill.
And though the railway line was seen
From both his house and golf club green
It wasn't like it is today
With traffic on the motorway.

G.H. Hedley Limited, Hedge Mill, made paper, cardboard, paper and cardboard articles, and stationery. Mr Hedley was an early member of the Flackwell Heath Golf Club. Two roads in the area are named after him. His son lived at the top of Treadaway Hill. Hillside still stands today but its front lawn now lies beside the busy M40. To see what is at the top of the hill go to: www.galaxypix.com/Sally/Flackwellfolk/ (but you will now be leaving this site).
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