Forge House

Forge House on the London Road (photo courtesy of Jean Craigmile)

The location today

Forge House, end-on to London Road,
Was once the Baker folks abode,
Three generations ran the forge
John with sons (John Henry, George),
And grandson John with same old name
All learnt the trade and did the same.
The forge, not very far away
Is still remembered here today
This path leads to the street behind
Called Old Forge Road I think you'll find.

Forge House was the home of the Baker family. Three generations of blacksmiths worked at the smithy or forge which was to the left of the house, along Old Forge Road. John Baker with sons John Henry and George, and grandson John Henry Baker junior, all worked in the trade. In an area where farms and coaching inns once abounded this would have been a busy forge. No doubt the men also helped to repair mill tools and machinery if required.
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