Fennels Lodge
Location of Fennels Lodge, just out of photograph to right
(picture from SWOP website)

Fennels Lodge today

Fennels Lodge still stands today
Now bordered by the motorway.
What changes have its windows seen
Or from its lawns then once serene?
New houses stand where flower beds
And garden drive once lay instead,
And offices now grace the room
Where luncheon once was served at noon.

The narrow lane with stream beyond
Is wider now and much has gone,
The paper mill no longer stands
And houses now invade its land
But change has also brought some calm
For, though the railway had its charm,
It must be quieter now for sure
Without a train at your back door.

Fennels Lodge is now the home of offices and Kingsmead Road, or Back Lane as it was once called, has seen many changes. It was built c. 1830 and is now a listed building.
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