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Cossors gave the locals jobs,
And helped them earn their weekly bob,
(With radio and wireless waves
They'd helped the war in many ways),
And many children, now grown-up,
Remember Christmas quite sewn up
When Santa came to visit them
At Cossors parties held back then.

Cossors was situated at the end of Norwood Road. This was probably where the business park is today. Cossors appear to have moved to Loudwater in the 1940s. From their webpage: The Cossor family, which had been in business since 1859, was developing vacuum tubes at the birth of the electronics era. The eldest son, Alfred, began his own company to manufacture equipment for wireless technology at a time when radios across Britain were about to become household necessities. By 1927, Cossor launched his famous Melody Maker radio set that would soon become a centerpiece of British homes. By 1936, Cossor achieved another historic milestone by becoming the first company in the U.K. to sell a television set. A.C. Cossor was selected by the Air Ministry to build the critical receiving units and operator displays that made Britainís Chain Home air defence radar network usable.
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