Clapton Revel

Clapton Revel
(picture from SWOP website)

As it looks today

Clapton Revel, Clapton Mill,
Revel Cottage, all here still,
Lost amongst new roads and homes
These early builds have creaking bones,
What tales they'd tell us of the past
If only we could stop and ask,
Butler, cook and parlour maid,
And workers for the paper trade
All lived here once, a busy place,
Their lives now lost without a trace.

Clapton Revel House can still be seen today, likewise Revel Cottage. The Mill is still there too but is no longer a working mill. Surrounded by modern housing this quiet little back water is a mere shadow of the busy industrial centre it once was. It's final demise was as a result of the M40 which split Wooburn Moor in two.
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