Madge Networks

Madge Networks in 1994
(picture from SWOP website)

The area today

Electronics, network tech,
Communications kept in check,
Who'd have thought that there might be
A silicone valley in this lea?
Great the foresight of one man
Who saw the future, as few can,
And entering the network scene,
Gained a visit from the Queen.

From the web: One-time horseback riding instructor, Robert Madge entered the computer industry with Britain's Intelligent Software Ltd., designing computer-driven chess games. In 1986 Madge sought to set up his own business on his family's Buckinghamshire farm. Madge Networks was a pioneer in the networking market, the emergence of which went on to define internal and external communications among corporations in every industry. Madge Networks was one of the world's leading proponents of Token Ring technology, producing ISA, PCI, and PC card adapters, switches, stacks, and other devices required for its implementation of Token Ring technology.
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