Burleighfield House

White Hill, looking towards Beaconsfield
(picture from SWOP website)

The entrance to the house today

Burleighfield, the home of ghosts,
Well one at least, by old gate post,
She looks with sorrow up the road
For horse-drawn coach with heavy load
And caught within her loop of time
We sometimes see her in our mind.
What happened here we do not know
- Until we do she will not go.

Burleighfield House is reputed to have a ghost who walks down the stairs but there is also a ghost of a woman in black who stands by the gate looking towards White Hill, the scene of a road accident many years ago. A horse-drawn coach is believed to have crashed into an icy pond at the bottom of White Hill and all on board were killed.
To find out what else happened at this location go to the new map and click on the Reyntiens workshop.
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