Boundary Road

Boundary Road then

Boundary Road today

The motorway that's here today
Took our way of life away,
But nothing's ever meant to last,
And every future has a past.
It opened up Loudwater lea
To all the business parks you see
And many folk who live here now
Cannot recall a mill or cow,
And what was cottage garden land
Is now where newer houses stand.

It's hard to remember what was here before the M40 changed things forever. Striding across the lea on its mighty legs, like an invading monster, it swept away all that it encountered and only photographs remind us of the way it was. But by the 1960s and 70s the mills were already reducing their workforce and the pasture land would be needed for new forms of employment. So the M40 was not all bad. It brought better transport links, speedier journey times, and greater avenues of employment.
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