Beechwood House

Kingsmead Road by Beechwood House and Beechwood House today

Beechwood House, a private home
For just one couple on their own,
With butler, cook and parlour maid,
A pampered life but soon to fade.
The house now much expanded stands,
Renewed afresh by different hands,
What whispers hide within its walls
Of garden fetes and country balls?

Beechwood House is now much bigger than it once was and is the home to company offices. In its early days it was a private house which looked down to Overshott Mill. It would appear to have been a substantial family home at one time but little is known about it. An early census reveals just one man and woman living there, the last members of what was once a much larger family perhaps?
It was built c. 1830 and is now a listed building.
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