Back Lane

Back Lane (looking west)
(picture from SWOP website)

The road and river today (Google Street View)

Kingsmead Road was called Back Lane,
But now the section with this name
Is where the lodge stands at its end
Where Abbey Barn joins at the bend.

This part of Back Lane only suits
Those on bike or walking route
But long ago this was the way
To Wycombe town, not far away.

The Kingsmead Road that we know now
Would hardly recognise a plough
But long ago the back stream then
Once bordered land with farm and hens.

Although the farmhouse stands today
Its fields and pastures could not stay
And housing lines both stream and lane
For nothing ever stays the same.

Kingsmead Road was originally known as Back Lane. It was a direct route which went all the way into Wycombe, via Bassetsbury. It followed the route of the back stream so it was no doubt very muddy on occasions. For heavy traffic the London Road was therefore the preferable option.
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