Kezia Skull née Winslow  born 1810   
39 High Street
39 High Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number MHW : 01743

I'm Kezia, a Winslow lass
And to a Skull I'm bound,
But here, at Number 39,
We Winslows got around.
This Tudor House in High Street
Was impressive, you can see
And many were the families
Invited in for tea.
A surgery for doctors
Was its later claim to fame
Old Dr Rose, then Dr Fleck,
Just two that I can name,
And though it's still commanding,
With its site in central place,
Its just another building
And has lost its former grace.

Kezia was the third and last wife of Edwin Skull.  It would appear that they had no children. They are buried side by side in Wycombe Cemetery.
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