Julia Oryndia Nicholson née Griffits born 1839
Aveling Lodge, believed to have stood in Aveling Road

I moved across from Lambeth way,
I’d cousins here you see,
And when my husband passed away
They meant a lot to me.
My Henry died quite young poor dear,
From a mushroom which he ate,
A man from Kent , and not from here,
And only thirty eight!
And yet he’d fathered thirteen babes,
Eleven that survived,
For us he worked and also saved
Which helped us with our lives,
So Aveling Lodge became my home,
My daughters by my side,
And though, myself, am not well known
My girls are Wycombe’s pride.

Julia Oryndia Nicholson was a Griffits by birth.  She was the granddaughter of John Griffits the saddler in Queen Square and niece of James Olliff Griffits.  She married Henry Nicholson from Kent who was a tax inspector.  They had 13 children.  Lena Nicholson married Albert Taplin, Mabel Nicholson married Richard Treacher and Elsie Nicholson married Charles Arthur Skull. 
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