John Wane  born 1849
Corn Dealer, Railway Office, 2, Paul's Row
2 Paul's Row
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 33253

My family from Gloucester came,
And proud I was to be a Wane,
For we were farmers, one and all
And grew the wheat ears nice and tall,
A harvest for the local town
And Chiltern people all around.
A corn shop then was what I owned,
The rooms above it were our home
And here we lived, our family,
Eliza, Flo and Frank and me.
Both Frank and I would volunteer
To fight the fires in Wycombe here
And so my name, and my sonís too,
Would play their part in Wycombeís crew.
My son then went to fight the Boer,
And though we missed him more and more
My Frank, our lad, Iím proud to say
Went on to fight another day.
My future though was none too good,
Although I tried the best I could,
But corn became an irksome trade
Where fortunes could be lost or made
And I grew further into debt
And, though I wasnít bankrupt yet,
This fear became a heavy weight,
The stress of life was all too great
And feeling really very low
I said that into town Iíd go
But walked towards the Dyke instead
Where I was later found quite dead.

Although John asked his relatives for help they failed to act swiftly enough, believing things were perhaps not so bad as he thought they were. But John was a highly respected man within the town and he couldnít bear the shame that bankruptcy would bring upon his family. He took the only way he felt was left to him. He was found drowned in the Dyke (his personal possessions were found safely in his desk at home).
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