John Griffits  born 1784
(Queen Square, exact location unknown)
Queen Square
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 03093

I had six sons plus two who died
And five dear girls who all survived,
So come and meet my family,
I’ve still some here as you will see.
My John's a saddler like his pa,
(He's moved away but not too far),
Thomas and James solicitors bound,
(Both good boys and really sound),
Henry too, in London now,
Will soon put worries on my brow,
Alphonso, last, with foreign name,
Before I had more girls again.
But Richard always liked to roam,
Now miles away from his Chiltern home,
I remember him saying, just last year,
'I'm not so sure I should be here,
‘Australia's surely the place to be,
I know in my heart that it's calling me’
So off he goes and bids good day,
Seeking his fortune so far away,
Now he and his wife will soon multiply
Under a fresh blue Australian sky.

John Griffits was the brother of Elizabeth Griffits who married Charles Skull, auctioneer. He married Nancy Ann Way and their son James Olliff Griffits was to become a prosperous benefactor to the town. Richard's descendants are still in Australia.
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