Jane Treacher née Furnell/Westbrook born 1812
The Red Lion, High Street  (1851, 1861)

The Red Lion
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 01770

We ran this pub not long ago
And here we watched our children grow,
It was a busy life we led
With my dear William at the head,
We welcomed workers from the town
Who liked to spend their half a crown
On drinking beer and supping gin
In this our very busy inn,
So people stopped upon their way
All keen to spend their weekly pay,
But, Will, he yearned for quieter things,
The solitude that farmland brings,
And so we moved back up the hill
Away from pub, and shop and mill.

Jane was married to William Allen Treacher but she was a Furnell by birth . After her father died her mother married a Mr Westbrook.  Jane's family had run the Red Lion inn. After nearly twenty years at the Red Lion Jane and William retired to William's farm on Marlow Hill.
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