James Skull born 1856
6 Long Row, Newland
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 05097 
My cousins live not far away
For furniture's their trade
And though I think I may not stay
It's where our roots are laid,
For Wycombe seems to call us back
My granddad and my pa
Have both lived here at different times
But not, I think, my ma.
And though my son will not return
(He won't make chairs like me)
If you're a man in furniture
Then this is where you'll be.

James Skull was the son of John and Julia Skull.  His father lived in Lambeth. His sons were to make tennis racquets in Finsbury. This line of the family, descended from Thomas Skull junior (Charles Skull's brother) was not so well known within High Wycombe.
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