James Olliff Griffits born 1821
The Priory
Castle Street/Priory Road

The Priory
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 12036

In my corner home just here,
I view the Wycombe I hold dear,
This Priory is a lovely house
And we've done well, myself, my spouse,
And seeing now of Wycombe's need
My family are all agreed
To do our best to hand some back
To give the townsfolk what they lack,
And so a library I bequeath
Where all the poor can come and read,
Also a fountain in the square
Since Frogmoor's looking mighty bare,
And so I leave my Griffits gift
To all the people where I lived.

James Olliff Griffits was the son of John Griffits, a saddler in Queen Square.  James entered the legal profession and became the Recorder for Reading; he grew prosperous and was a benefactor of High Wycombe.
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