James George Peace born 1838
Castle Hill House
Priory Avenue

Castle Hill House
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number MHW : 08569

Castle Hill, this flint-dressed home
Was a step above the rest
A house James Peace so yearned to own
And so he did his best
To buy the house from Carrington
His friend within the town,
So his five girls, his wife and son
Could firmly settle down
For they had lived in Staffs and Herts
Developing their trade
A drapers' store for suits and shirts
Where money might be made.
With dowry from his Gibbs-born wife
And mortgage from Dan Clarke
James hoped to have a better life
And one day leave his mark.

James George Peace was born in Stevenage.  He married Emma Ellen Gibbs and they settled down at Castle Hill House which they rented off the Carrington estate before finally purchasing it. He became a Mayor of Wycombe.
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