J.G. Peace Ltd circa 1930 - 1970
(Proprietor John Godfrey Peace, born 1906)
Town House

Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 33535

This shop I bought before the war,
We moved here from Queen Square,
And in this shop we made mens suits
And sold mens underwear.
But wthen the war got under way
I volunteered to fight
And let the older partners stay
While I fought Britain’s plight,
And then when I came home again
I took up my old post,
Employer of a dozen men
(But no, I mustn’t  boast).
And so I worked here forty years
Until the shop was sold
Retiring like my many peers
Because I’d grown too old.

John 'Jack' Godfrey  Peace was the son of William Peace and grandson of James George Peace. He married Ruth 'Bobby' Skull (daughter of Charles Arthur Skull) who had spent her early infant years at Town House when Miss Weston, former owner, had run an infants' school there.
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