Isaac Wane born 1815
Red Barn Farm
(opposite Wycombe Air Park)

Soldiers on farmland
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 95183 (Soldiers preparing for World War I on land believed to be Red Barn Farm)

I came from Fairford, so they say,
But then I moved Great Marlow way,
A lovely spot is dear Red Barn
But life’s hard work upon a farm.
My son he said that he had learned
How better money could be earned
And so he's moved to 2 Pauls Row
To sell the corn he used to grow,
And thus remove the middle man
Who takes our money when he can,
And so we Wanes are getting wise
Beneath our weather laden skies.

Isaac Wane married Eliza Brangwin of Barmoor Farm.  His brother Jonathan was a 'prosperous gentleman'  in Gloucestershire whose daughter became the second wife of William Alfred Redington (pawnbroker). Isaac's son, John Wane, married music teacher Eliza Treacher. Isaac's daughter, Mary, was the first wife of William Alfred Redington, and another daughter, Emma, married Robert George (pawnbroker) - there is no evidence that Robert was linked to the High Wycombe George family (ironmongers and publicans) but he was already related to the Wane family.
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