Georgiana Skull née Tilbury born 1849

Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01068

My father was in chairs you know,
My grandpapa a smith,
My mother died so long ago
I’ve lived with kin and kith.
Sisters and some brothers too,
And cousins by the score
Aunts and uncles quite a few
And forebears even more.
We’re all mixed up so it appears
Within these Chiltern towns
Our roots span many bygone years,
Our shoots, though, still abound.
It's chairs that got us where we are,
My Charles and my three sons
Are in the business like my Pa
And we're the lucky ones.  

Georgiana Skull was the daughter of Frederick Tilbury, chairmaker and farmer.  She married Charles Edwin Skull and they started their married life in Newland.
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