George Coltman Junior born 1836
Newland: exact location unknown
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01078
There's trouble with the union
I fear I cannot stay,
So now I'll have to pack my bags
And sadly move away.
You'll find I'll go to Lambeth,
There's a chair trade over there
And my skills are just as needed
And the living seems quite fair,
My brothers are in rented rooms
Already in that town
But they'll not stay and very soon
They'll be High Wycombe bound
But once I move I'll not return
I've had enough of here
I'll not come back I promise you
Of that you have no fear.

George Coltman (junior) was the son of George and Mary Coltman (née Skull).  There was trouble with the union and he was banned from working in Wycombe.
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